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Hello everyone! In today's blog post, pixel artist Henryk shares with us some insights into his thought process when creating a game sprite. He has kindly agreed to create a karate fighter sprite with an attack animation for Graphics Dojo.


The Pixel Artist

Henryk hails from Russia and has been creating pixel art for many years now. I am a big fan of his work as it reminds me of the arcade machine / Super Nintendo / Sega Megadrive era in a good way.

Here are some highlights from his portfolio:

henryk mech pixel art   


The Base Sprite

Firstly, we must choose a palette that will work for the sprite and scene we want to create.
Note that for pixel art, the palette does not have to be too extensive and 12 colors is more than enough for the sprite we want to create.

I begin by creating a base sprite.

picture 1. First of all, I outline the main contours of the sprite using large color spots.
picture 2. Add basic shadows.
picture 3. Add darker shadows, to add to add depth to the sprite.
picture 4. Add highlights, and finish up the final details.



When the base sprite is done, I start working on the animation. The animation we want to do for this karate fighter character is a kick attack!
To understand how the character needs to move when performing this action, it really helps to watch and reference real karate fighters( movies, youtube videos, etc.. ).

karate sprite rough kick

I quickly make a very rough and crude animation by creating separate frames and using the transform tool in photoshop to move parts of the character.
From there we get a rough very pixelated animation that looks reasonably fluid when zoomed out.
When I am happy with the rough animation, I start to add details for each frame of animation ( This part of the process is the most time consuming! )

karate sprite kick animation

After I am done with the details of each frame the sprite is done. I hope you enjoyed this short walk through of my spriting process.

A big thanks to Henryk for his time and insight! I really like how the sprite turned out.
Thanks for reading and do check out Henryk's portfolio on pixeljoint.

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